1:1 strategy sesh

It might not come with a fancy name… but it’ll get you some fancy insights. 

It’s an hour with senior digital copywriter, comms specialist and UX writer Laura Luck. Hey, that’s me!

… which sounds kinda like a porno. But it’s not, promise! 

It does, however, come with a happy ending (stay with me on this…)

Maybe you’re a marketer who’s knee-deep in a succulent project but you’ve hit a snag with the best way to structure customer comms…

Or you’re a fellow copywriter who’s had a project creep into microcopy for an app…

And you just want a quick sense-check with someone who specialises in this very thing.

An hour with me could give you the clarity you’re looking for. 

Here’s how it works:

  • You’ll book a time with me that suits you (and FYI, you’ll be booking a time at least a week in advance so I can wrap my brain fibres around your business / project before we jump on the call)
  • You fill out a quick Typeform so the time we have together is super productive from the get-go
  • All this handy info will help me structure the advice and strategies in a deck for you (that’s where the lead-in comes in – I spend at least 3 hours doing this)
  • Then we’ll jump on that 1 hour Zoom call to talk about the problem you’re facing – and most importantly, the solutions!
  • You’ll get a copy of the report with tips and strategy to reference whenever you want, as well as a recording of the call
  • One follow up email to support you with anything that comes up in the week after our call

It’s a sh*t-tonne of guidance and background UX info you can whip out for a long time to come, feeling like a word-slinging wizard with all the answers.

And for a very limited time, you’ll get the report, guidance and support from me for only AU$495 (inc gst if you’re in Aus).

Take Jess for example:

She’s a super-accomplished writer, badass business owner and was working on a content project with a startup that bled into UX territory. She wanted to make sure she was going about it the right way. 

‘[A report with] 1,000+ words of pure gold – giving me the confidence to write with strategy on my side, instead of just figuring it out as I went.

‘Laura is one of those rare gems who excels at both big-picture thinking and the tiny details. You’ll walk away with a clear roadmap for where you need to go, as well as all the little stepping stones along the way that will help you get there.’

– Jess, Made of Words

And that’s not even the best bit. After just one session with me about UX best practices for her specific project, she signed on the dotted line for an extended contract role with that very company!

Imagine gaining the confidence to talk about this stuff with developers, product designers and founders (and that’s typically who I work with in UX writing and content strategy roles, and more frequently as a freelancer in contract positions). For a one time payment of $495 (yes that’s Aussie dollars and yes that includes the wet blanket that is the GST if you’re in Australia haha)!

You see, UX writing is only becoming more valuable to enterprises, startups and leading tech companies. They’re realising that this skill is imperative to keeping customers happy and getting more users through the (metaphorical) doors.

But who am I to talk about this stuff? 

Well, I’ve been doing this for almost 10 years, working in-house as a lead writer on apps, crafting customer support comms, leading content strategy and everything in between. I’ve figured out how to communicate the importance of words with developers, designers, data scientists, founders, product and marketing teams… so that they take the words seriously.

You won’t have to nod along pretending to know this stuff while feeling like the odd one out, while they talk about strings, sprints and tickets (hey, we’ve all been there). 

I’ve worked as a contractor with a design thinking agency, employee experience experts, and become a valued partner of startups, enterprises and founders with digital products.

And through sharing my knowledge with clients and other copywriters, the people I work with leave the relationship knowing how valuable words can be in making sure user goals and business goals align:

‘You over-delivered. We’ve come to realise that good copy at the beginning of a startup’s life is critical as it gives you a voice and identity to form every other part of your business.’

Rachel, Franc Paraplanning

So if you’re a copywriter who’s new to this whole UX thing and you want to uplevel – QUICKLY – in a project you’re currently working on…

Let’s do this. 

It’s only an hour out of your day, but it could significantly change your years to come.

You made it to the bottom… I guess you have some questions:

‘How far in advance do I need to book the call?’

At least a week, so I can really dive into your business and the project or problem you’re facing… then come to the call well-prepared with as many targeted strategies, opinions and advice as possible!  

‘So what exactly can I use this for?’

If you’re a copywriter or a marketer and you’ve taken on a project that has seeped into CX or UX territory, you probably want to make sure you’re doing everything right. If you want to get reassurance around word choices or the strategy behind labels, field text or button microcopy…  You can use this as a quick way to get specific answers for your particular snag. It might also come in handy as a reference guide for future use, so that you can confidently talk about UX writing with your project team. 

‘What do we talk about in the call?’

Anything you like! While my passion topics involve Leonardo DiCaprio movies and the many superior traits of dogs, the thing you’ll get the most value from would be coming to me with a particular UX or CX comms question. For example: ‘Laura, what would be best practice if I need to link to a longer form article within an app?’ or ‘Is there anything I should know before I set up a meeting with the product designer / developer to make sure the content is a priority in the design?’

‘Will you write the copy for me during the call?’

Nah dawg, this isn’t that kind of deal. I can help you brainstorm ideas, sure – but if you need me to actually do the writing, it’s best to bring me in for a custom UX writing package (heads up: I’m usually booked at least a month in advance for these bad boys).

‘What if I need more than an hour?’

The report you get back is preeetty lengthy so in my experience having an hour to work through it together and talk things through is more than enough. But in saying that, the one follow-up support email is where I can help you with something that you might have forgotten on the call. You’ll get a lot out of it, promise!

‘Will this still be valuable for me if I’m not a copywriter?’

Of course! While I’ve framed this particular offer for other creatives working on bigger projects, it would still hold a lot of value for founders or CMOs who need to strategise about UX writing or CX comms… and you’d get the added benefit of not having to hire a writer for a long-term contract!

‘What if I’m in another country?’

That’s totally fine! If none of the times on my scheduling page suit you, just shoot me an email and we can work out a better time that fits both our schedules.

Still umm-ing and ahh-ing? No probs! You can reach me here: hello@lauraluck.com.au