What a copywriter actually does

Whiskey. Suits. Mad Men.

You’re thinking of an office full of ladies sitting at typewriters moving their hands in unison…

… and I’m gonna stop you right there.

A copywriter converts your customers and turns them into raving fans using a bunch of emotional and psychological triggers.

This is done via the content:

  • on your website
  • on your app
  • in your email and SMS campaigns
  • in nurturing autoresponders
  • in your blog posts, and
  • on your social media.

Armed with a laptop and a purpose, a great copywriter develops and uses brand messaging for preeeetty much everything you see online and in print.

Apart from the obvious – you know, spelling, grammar, basic legibility – a copywriter subtly shares your story with a tone of voice unique to your brand.

Every business has a story – and it’s the copywriter’s job to help tell it.ljizlzhgq7wpsh5kvtcb_typewriter




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