Here’s to being excited.


Without wanting to sound like a ‘woo’ girl…

I’m pretty-bloody-happy with life right now.

And I’m going to make a promise to myself for 2017 to keep that going (nope, that’s not a resolution – what the)!?

The promise I’m making is that I’m going to wake up excited. Every. Single. Day.

I’ve been working in an office doing the marketing and the communicating for Australian businesses for a really long time (let’s just say it’s a good stint-at-Hogwarts amount of time).

But as of right now, I don’t do that anymore.

I’ve just jumped off the big springboard to create a life I’ve always wanted – working remotely, doing what I love (which is writing, in case you didn’t notice)… for myself and for amazing, well-known Australian businesses as well as startups.

It’s equal parts scary and exhilarating, there’s lots of moments of ‘I don’t know what the heck I’m doing’… but it’s so damn rewarding!

I get to help businesses and brands create a voice, spread their message and tell their story. I LOVE DOING IT! (Sorry for the shouty caps but I told you I was excited!)

In 2017, I’ll be making professional and personal development my priority.

I’ll document it here along the way, sharing my thoughts and learnings – of which there’ll be plenty, I’m sure – so if you have any questions shoot me an email:

Laura x

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