Don’t overcomplicate it.

I’m not a fan of people who use big words just for the sake of it.

There, I said it.

Fun fact – I’ve only very recently learned the actual word for people who overuse other long, multisyllabic words: sesquipedalian. It’s so fun to say!

Some of the best copywriting – and just writing in general, I think – is short, punchy, to the point and conversational.

In my experience, simple words written in plain English work way better than their other, more pretentious cousins in converting the customers you want (unless your audience is, like, a group of professors… or David Attenborough or something).

If your goal is to have a sharp website that drives action on the homepage, you want to keep it simple.

And anyway, websites optimised for mobile just don’t have the space for long-winded copy: you’ve simply got to say what you need to say in as little words as possible (and let’s not forget that majority of consumers use mobile to make purchase decisions these days).

Good examples of this: MailChimp, Fairfax Media, YappyUber and Aussie startup Flower Bros.

Bad examples of this: Literally any Australian Government site where you’re trying to get important information quickly (and they send you on a wild goose chase to even get a phone number).

If you’re like me, you want the information at your fingertips. You want the problem solved quickly and efficiently. You don’t want to work for it.

The same goes for your customers. 

That’s where the good copywriters are separated from anyone just throwing some words on a page and hoping it makes sense.

Because the trick is this: if you’re using less words, they’ve got to be the right ones.

A good copywriter will use tried and tested methods to emotionally and psychologically connect with their audience.

They’ll use their word-slinging to tell the story of your business.

They’ll give your brand a tone of voice and personality.

They’ll have the user’s experience front of mind (all the time).

They’ll test different phrases / combinations until they get it right for your business.

They’ll convert your customers through their well-chosen words.

They’ll use keywords to make your business show up on Google.

While keeping it short and simple for an optimised website is ideal, other forms of web copy benefits from being on the longer side (when you have something worth saying, that is).

And guess what?

Here’s a shameless plug: I love writing all of them!

Leave me a comment or shoot me an email to: if you want to know how I can use different copywriting methods to increase your customer engagement.






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