Instagram shadow banning

Alright alright alright.

Back to blogging after a short absence… because, y’know… life sometimes gets in the way.

So I thought I’d pop by super quick and offer up some of my insights to Instagram’s latest fun thing they’re hitting us with – shadow banning.

I’m gonna keep it preeetty short’n’sweet, because frankly – lots of posts I’ve read when researching this have been so bloody long-winded for a pretty straight forward issue. And I just don’t want to read through all that… and I’m gonna go with the idea that you don’t either! (Not to mention, it’s still a bit touch-and-go at the moment and no one really knows what’s going on.)

Here’s the basics:

What is it?

It’s pretty much when Instagram stops your content from showing up to your followers without you knowing it’s happening.

Why is it happening?

The annoying this is that no one actually knows what triggers the shadow ban or how the algorithm works (other than the folks at Instagram, of course).

All we know is that its Instagram’s way to target the auto bots saying things like ‘awesome!’ and ‘epic!’ for no good reason on every. single. photo. And that’s a good thing, y’all!

A bunch of developers have been looking at how hashtags may be affecting it, but so far have been coming up trumps with how to ‘trick it’ or avoid it.

How can you see if you’re affected?

These guys ( have developed a quick little app to see if you’ve been affected. You just pop your username or the URL in, and it’ll tell you if you’re safe… for now. (Wahoo I am!)

What can you do to avoid it?

Without being a developer myself… there’s a few things I’ve been testing out over the last week to make sure it doesn’t affect me.

– Diversifying hashtags (as in, not posting the same ones over and over again)

-Having a healthy mix of curated content and original content

-Deleting spammy comments on my photos

… And to be honest, these tactics have been kinda helpful anyway in reaching a more diverse audience and mixing up the usual stuff!



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