The new About page

The About page.

Ah, that old chestnut. The oft-forgotten about one. The one where you’re required to open up and let people in, shedding a positive light on what you do every day. The one where you drone on and on about your qualifications, your industry awards, the minutiae of your business.



Yeah, you should draw your past experience into it, but it needs to seem effortless, engaging and have a little – dare I say it – personality.

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It has to be about your customer, too.

In fact, you should prioritise making it ALL ABOUT your customer while still explaining what it is you’re good at.

Which can be a lot for some people to get their heads around. But it’s really, truly important that they do.

The poor About page is so misunderstood 🙁

In my opinion, the About page is the second most important page on your website (after the homepage, obvs).

Because by the time your customers get to your About page, they’re picking up what you’re putting down. They’re catching what you’re throwing. They’re fairly certain they want what you got. And that’s a beautiful thing.

There’s just one teeny tiny obstacle that’s stopping them from clicking ‘buy now’ or ‘get started’ – and that’s a little sprinkle of anticipation. In other words: you just need to get them bloody excited about working with you!

So here’s some things to keep in mind:

Address their pain points quickly, but move on to explain why you’re the one to make their pain go away. Explain why you’re the obvious choice to work with, because of your ability to meet (and exceed) their needs. Because your experience is proven to help others just like them and because you’re *different* to everyone else.

For extra bonus points, let your customers themselves explain why you’re so great. While you’re at it, the About page is a great place to pop some testimonials!

At the end of the day, your About page should tell a story, sharing the human element of your brand. Again: your personality should shine through. Because real people trust real people, and for this fact alone your About page needs to show that you are, in fact, human. Don’t get hung up on talking about business milestones or your university degree.

When I work with clients to create a killer About page, I book them in for a 60 minute strategy session (after our initial chat) where I run through a series of questions that unveils a little bit more about them.

And, sure: I could just send them a copy of the questions and get them to fill it out… but by actually listening to the cadences in their voice and finding out what types of words come naturally to them in conversation, I get a waaaaay better understanding of their business and their brand personality.

What’s the point of having an About page that’s completely different to the actual person a customer will be dealing with? (There’s a whole other series of key messaging and communication guide stuff I could go into… but let’s just save that for another day.)

So – be different! Don’t stick to the same old template for your bios. Change it up with quirky copy, a video or two, some weird graphics. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a little creativity.

And just to sneak this one in here: it goes without saying (or it should), that you should avoid industry jargon – even if you’re B2B – like the plague. Stop trying to sound smart, and leave that shit for the lawyers, doctors and anyone else who references ancient text (sorry lawyers and doctors, but you do love a long word sometimes).

If people don’t understand what you do, how will they decide if they want to work with you?

And don’t forget the cherry on top…

Add a call to action. The easiest way to do this is to add a button at the end, inviting your audience to work with you. This is your time to convert them!

In case it didn’t exactly come through enough in my love letter above… About pages are my JAM. I love them.

If you want me to craft your story in a way that will convince your customers that you’re all that and a bag of potato chips (and perfect for them to engage with)… book in a free 30 minute chat with me here → Schedule Appointment

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