Look what they made me do

Customer experience.

User experience.

Brand experience.

Bad experience.

You know what?

I’m sick of brands paying big bucks on other areas of the business and yet spending nothing on the customer experience.

(Oh, I should tell you now this post has almost nothing to do with Taylor Swift, I just thought this would be timely. And I’m in the midst of forcing myself to listen to this god-awful song in the hopes that one day I’ll like it.)

Anyway, I bought something online – because I’m in ‘rural’ Tassie, I have no other option – and it arrived after the advised 1-3 business days. No, no, that’s OK, like I said, it’s rural Tassie, I get it.

But the dress didn’t suit me, even though it was my usual size in this particular brand. You can blame the fact that it looked different online or the fact that my butt looked even larger in this dress than usual. Whatever.

Although nowadays, with all the wonders of online shopping, I thought – hey! This’ll be a walk in the park. I’m going to return it and swap it for another badboy I had my eye on. No biggie.

So I go to the website. Ummm no returns form accessible.

I email customer care. Crickets.

I get a reply *two* days later with a returns form to print and include.


Yep, even though I don’t have access to an actual store and was happy to exchange for another item, I had to go out of my day to a post office and pay about $20 in satchels for the privilege.

Look what they made me do.

taylor swift

I sent them a strongly worded email with ways they could fix it. Yes, I turned into someone that does that!

And this is what I gave them:

  1. Have a downloadable returns form on the website.
  2. Have a 24/7 customer service chat bot (preferably one that has a little personality!).
  3. Include a postage paid label / bag to return items easily.
  4. Ship the exchange back for free, it’s the least you can do when I’ve already spent over $200 on an item (don’t tell my husband)!
  5. Maintain constant communication with customers who are getting an exchange. Keep me in the goddam loop about when I’ll receive my items back.

Pretty basic, in fact I think they’re a prerequisite.

Oh, and on the topic of communication – in this instance the messaging was all over the place. I was contacted by two different people with different tones and the returns form was in a completely different format to all their other comms.

These are all things that would tie back in with the tone of voice and branding guidelines and – much more importantly – will have a positive effect on the user’s (my) experience.

Of course, user experience is a MASSIVE beast that can’t really be covered in one blog post.

But it is made easier through adopting some simple strategies to developing your brand guidelines and tone of voice.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next post, where I’ll outline 5 things you can do straight away to find out your unique brand voice, infuse your communication with friendliness personality and how to map out your messages… all so they appear in front of your customer’s eyeballs at the right time.

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