It’s easy.

  1. Our first hellos

You think I look pretty cool to work with. So you get in touch, and I have a squiz at your answers to my quick discovery questionnaire. If that looks the goods, we’ll hop on the phone – wait, do people still do that? – or a video call via Zoom. I know I like you already, but this is so we can make sure that I’m the right writer for you. 

After that, if the feeling’s mutual, I’ll send you a proposal which includes my contract and quote. Once that’s signed and you’ve paid the 50% deposit (this depends on what kind of project we’re working on), I’ll get cracking – wahoo!

  1. Behind the scenes

The research phase has now begun. I’ll look at any existing brand work, comms guides (if you have it, otherwise I can create it!), and customer interactions (social media, emails, phone scripts – you get the gist). By the end of this phase, I’ll be an expert on your product or service and know where to fill the gaps.

We’ll also send a quick survey to your customers to get the juicy info on why they chose you. A lot of the time I’ll interview a few of them, too. BONUS: you’ll get full access to the results.

  1. Your voice

You’ll need a brand voice and messaging strategy guide if you want to communicate effectively with your target audience. This is really useful for me, but it’ll also serve you well for any future marketing you do, for new contractors you engage, or for new team members – essentially anyone who will be speaking with your customers on behalf of your business.

Once you approve it, I’ll use it for the rest of the project to ensure we’re giving your audience an awesome user experience.

  1. Outlines

I’ll share with you the general gist of each page or app screen I’m writing for you. We’ll work together to make sure it’s looking schmick, then you’ll sign off on these so I can make the magic happen.

  1. Check-in

By now the first few pages of your website or app screens are done. I’ll shoot the drafts through to you to have a look at and to check that we’re still on the right path. I have a pretty good track record with nailing it the first time, but if you have any amendments this is where we’ll make them. Remember, the outline has been signed off on so it’ll just be minor tweaks to wording or phrases to see us through.

  1. Doneskies!

When the dust has settled you’ll have some carefully chosen words that will help your customers do the things you want them to do (when you want them to do it). All that’s left to do is pay the remaining invoice (if applicable) and I’ll hand over the documents to you in a copy reveal party (not really, but I’ll try to make it as fun as possible).

  1. It’s not really goodbye

Chances are, we’ve bonded during this experience (awww) – and we’ll keep in touch so I can humble brag about your success to anyone who will listen! (We will also run through what worked, what didn’t, what we can potentially work on in the future.)


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