I help you reach your customers through the screen.

Now it’s time for me to help you gain a solid understanding of your brand voice and how to have a conversation with your customers…

You know, like an actual human being.

That’s why I’ve created these packages that all leverage the use of your very unique brand voice to create amazing user experiences.

(Don’t) talk nerdy to me

A personalised tone of voice guide that makes you less boring and more human online.

This forms the basis of everything I do.

So if you:

  • Want to try and DIY this whole copywriting thing yourself
  • Know that you need to remove the ‘tech-speak’
  • Have a good idea of who your customers are already

This comms guide will help you attract the customers you ACTUALLY want to work with!

You’ll get:

  • A 60 minute discovery session via Google Hangouts where I get to hear first-hand how YOU speak about YOUR business
  • A branding and values exercise to pull out what’s important to you and your customers
  • Research into your customer / user personas – so you know who you’re communicating with every time you pick up a pen (or, you know – type into the keyboard)
  • Examples of how you can communicate online in a way that’s authentic to you, including key message development

All packaged up and delivered in a handy digital guide that you can share with your team or external suppliers – so that everyone can nail your brand’s unique tone of voice.

At the end of this adventure, you’ll have a clear communication guide with readily available copy to draw from. Wave goodbye to the blank screen, friend!

I want some-a-that!


‘The Humaniser’

(Nah, this isn’t a Britney Spears song.)

Did you know that your website is your sales person when you can’t be there?

Just let that one marinate a little.

As a busy tech founder, CEO or CMO, you can’t be there at every stage of the user’s journey.

You need to have sharp, persuasive copy on your site, helpful microcopy within your app and the guiding voice for any promotional or how-to videos you put onto the interwebs. You simply have to build trust through the screen.

And sometimes you just need a little helping hand to get the first bits of content done. I totally get it!

In fact, I had you in mind when I came up with this exact package.

You’ll have the work done for you:

  • And you’ll get everything in the (Don’t) talk nerdy to me customised tone of voice guide – so you’ll have consistent messaging


+ I’ll write 3 pages of your website copy, so you can have a conversation with your customers via your highest converting pages (that’s usually the Home, About and Services pages)


+ I’ll write up to 6 screens of your app with helpful microcopy to enhance the user’s experience

We get right into the brains of your customers with this one:

  • I do research into your customer base via a survey and interviews (don’t worry, I keep things professional and we partner on this bit). You’ll get to keep all of the findings too!
  • A 60 minute strategy session with me so we can make sure the copy I’m about to write will do everything you want it to do
  • Basic wire-framing to optimise the copy and give it the best chance possible out in the real world
  • Up to two rounds of revisions (if we need it) and professional proofreading

This one is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only will you have a starting point with your own content, but you’ll have all the tools to keep the message strong in your other marketing efforts.

Make me sound human!

The Frankenstein

Maybe you want something a bit more customised for a whopper of a project coming up?

No problem! I’m sure we’ll find a way to work together to make your brand more ALIIIIVVVVEEEE!

When you work with me, you’ll have a copywriting partner who understands all of the other marketing elements that come into play.

You’ll get:

  • Everything in the (Don’t) talk nerdy to me customised tone of voice guide
  • Two strategy sessions with me to make sure we’re nailing all of your copy needs (this might come in handy if you want me to brief your customer care team!)
  • Two rounds of revisions on any of the copy we produce together
  • Unlimited email support for the length of our project (hey, I like to keep you accountable!)
  • And my mad UX writing skills for your unique project, whatever it may be!

Intriguing, tell me more

This is the kind of writing that grabs your customers by the hand and effortlessly leads them to the places you want them to go and to do the things you want them to do. Whether it’s persuasive web copy or crisp UX instructions, Laura nails it with speed and style. 

Kind of like a good shepherd – with a big hook.”

– Jay Stockwell, Founder – Affinity

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