(Don’t) talk nerdy to me

Yay you’re here!

You’re obvs sick of sounding like a robot and not connecting with your customers online.

And you found your merry way to my neck of the woods – and I’m really glad you did!

You see, this is your personalised tone of voice guide that makes you less boring and more human online.

It epitomises everything that you stand for; your values; your personality.

I’ll work with you to develop the key messages that resonate with your ideal customers, and attract more of the ones you want.

But on one condition:

You’ve got to use it well – you’ve got to reach your customers through the screen.

Um… yes please!

OK, I guess you’re right:

Why should you care about your brand’s tone of voice, anyhow?

  • Well, for starters it builds trust. And studies show that people buy from brands they trust and identify with.
  • It instantly tells people who you are and what you stand for. It’s the identifier that sets you apart from your nearest competitor and is often the reason why people will choose you over the next guy.
  • You can use your tone of voice to influence the purchasing decision or persuade a customer to engage with (read: buy from) you.

And this is the perfect place to start if you:

  • Want to try and DIY this whole copywriting thing yourself
  • Know that you need to remove the ‘tech-speak’ that so often comes with digital brands
  • Have a good idea of who your customers are

Yep, this one will help you attract the customers you ACTUALLY want to work with!

You’ll get:

  • A 60 minute discovery session via Google Hangouts where I get to hear first-hand how YOU speak about YOUR business
  • A branding and values exercise to pull out what’s important to you and your customers
  • Research into your customer / user personas – so you know who you’re communicating with every time you pick up a pen (or, you know – type into the keyboard)
  • Examples of how you can communicate online in a way that’s authentic to you, including key message development
  • A personalised video that runs through each element of your tone of voice and how to get the most out of it

All packaged up and delivered in a handy digital guide that you can share with your team or external suppliers – so that everyone can nail your brand’s unique tone of voice in whatever marketing they’re doing.

At the end of this adventure, you’ll have a tangible reference point, you’ll know your audience and have readily available copy to draw from.

Wave goodbye to the blank screen, friend!

I’ve worked with agencies on big brands, in-house for fintech companies and startups, with solo entrepreneurs and tech brands who want to eliminate the disconnection between themselves and their customers.

So – I guess that leaves us here.

Want to work with me?

Get cracking by tapping this:

Make me sound human

But (don’t) just take my word for it:

“I chose Laura because I was looking for a copywriter with a bit of ‘spunk’; someone who has an edge. Nothing boring…

I believe very much in branding and the importance of your brand living strongly across all touch points.

Laura’s ability to succinctly tell a story in ‘plain speak’ (you know, like a human and not a robot) with a touch of humour really resonated with me.”

– Kate Ware, Director – BuzzPop Social

This is the kind of writing that grabs your customers by the hand and effortlessly leads them to the places you want them to go and to do the things you want them to do. Whether it’s persuasive web copy or crisp UX instructions, Laura nails it with speed and style. 

Kind of like a good shepherd – with a big hook.”

– Jay Stockwell, Founder – Affinity


*All prices are exclusive of GST. To claim the discounted rate you must book and pay before 1 February 2018. My standard copywriting T&Cs apply.