Don’t talk nerdy

You’re looking for a word-slinging wizard who uses a keyboard to make your complex techy-speak sound more human.

Well, here I am: the user experience writer.

Hello, my name is Laura Luck and I connect humans to digital brands using words.

It’s done through brand voice guides, UX web copy, in-app microcopy and video scripts that make people feel connected to your brand.

Beep boop – help me sound human!


I’m the gal for you, if you:

  • Own a seriously cool tech business, but you don’t take yourself too seriously
  • Have just received some funding, and want to invest in marketing (you smart cookie, you!)
  • Want to help your users easily navigate your site or app (and you don’t want developers to write your copy)
  • Want to stand out online and forge a lasting relationship with your users
  • Want to give your brand a conversational, human voice that speaks directly to your ideal customer

You need to turn the complex stuff into digestible chunks for REAL humans.

That’s why you need a UX writer to jump in with personality, ‘human speak’ and connection.

I work in partnership with you to turn your copy into something more ALIVE.

In fact, one of my tech clients just enjoyed a 57% increase in content downloads because my words made all the AI, AR and tech speak they had goin’ on easier to understand by more people. Not too shabby, eh?

So if you’re not afraid to sound like a real human:

Just tap this!


Don’t worry – you’re in good company:


“I’ve worked with a lot of copywriters over the years and she is easily the best.”

– Greg Ellis, Founder – Nimble Australia