Laura Luck here – lover of the alphabet and pursuer of great user experiences!


I’m so glad you’re here, probably on your phone and using your thumb and the internet to make better experiences for your customers – by finding someone like me. I’ll take the complex stuff and make it understandable: matching up your user’s goals with your business strategy. 

With a framework that’s been developed over the last 10 years (and focuses on your brand voice strategy, your customers’ needs and the words we need to communicate), you’ll have on-tap access to my experience in CX and UX writing, journalism, marketing and communications.

User research —> Voice, tone + brand messaging strategy —> UX + CX writing

It’s my job to help tech companies sound more human: through tone of voice and brand messaging, website words, in-app microcopy (that’s the helpful, teeny-tiny tidbits of copy in your app), customer support scripts, macros and whatever else it takes to make a better user and customer experience.  

Because you know your business back-to-front and you’re pretty much a genius when it comes to the tech side of things… 

But you need someone to talk with your customers, test the digital product and fill content gaps with helpful words.

Your users and customers are here for a good time – let’s make it a long time, too.

Let’s create an online presence that speaks directly to your people; helping them navigate your interface and getting them to come back again and again.

I’m used to working closely with product teams, designers, developers, data scientists and business analysts… so the whole project management thing is high on my priorities (but I’m not stepping anywhere near Jira again for a long, long time, OK?).

Typing letters into a keyboard in a semi-legible sequence isn’t enough.

I’m someone who gets to know your customers. Who can craft the message they need to see in the right place, at the right time. Someone who looks at the whole customer journey… and then optimises each experience to meet their needs along the way.

Don’t worry – I’m not new to this.

For the last decade I’ve worked as a lead copywriter and UX / CX writer in-house, agency-side with massive international brands (focusing on employee experience), at a design thinking company and as an independent contractor. I’ve got a comms degree too (in case you were interested in the paperwork). 

I’ve seen some things, pal.

In my ‘spare’ time I co-host a UX and CX comms podcast called A Table At The Back and run around after my 1 year old.

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These also sit with my many leather-bound books:

BRAIN CAMP: I actually did a psychology-focused course for copywriters