Laura Luck here – lover of the alphabet and pursuer of great user experiences!

C’mon, hand it over.
All your jargon, techie terms and dev speak.

Give me all the complex stuff so I can make it understandable! That’s at the crux of what I do, after all:

Matching up your user’s goals with your business strategy… using the power of communication.

With a process that’s been developed over the last 10 years (and focuses on your brand voice and messaging strategy, your customers’ needs and objections, and the words we need to communicate), working with me means that you have on-tap access to my experience in CX and UX writing, journalism, marketing and communications… so that your digital product will make your users feel good while making your company profitable.

User research —> Brand voice, tone + messaging strategy —> UX + CX writing

My jam is helping tech companies sound more human.

Because you know your business back-to-front and you’re a genius when it comes to the tech side of things… 

But you need someone to talk with your customers, test the digital product from the outside and fill content gaps with on-brand communication.

Your users and customers are here for a good time – let’s make it a long time, too.

Imagine this time next year, after we’ve worked together:

– You’ve created an online presence that ‘speaks’ directly to your kind of people
– You’re helping them navigate your interface without friction
– They’re coming back again and again
– The data shows that the content has been useful and usable (which means you have less frequent support enquiries)
– You’re patting yourself on the back for working with a top-notch comms strategist and UX writer 😉

The same writer who, for the last decade, has worked as a lead copywriter and UX / CX writer in-house, agency-side with massive international brands (focusing on employee experience), at a design thinking company and as an independent contractor. Oh, it’s me, Laura! Yay!

I’ve got a comms degree and done a bunch of extra training too (in case you were interested in the paperwork, I’ve put their logos below).

And because it’s gotta be said: I’m used to working closely with product teams, designers, developers, data scientists and business analysts.

I’ve seen some things, pal.

In my ‘spare’ time I co-host a UX and CX comms podcast called A Table At The Back, contribute to the leading UX Writers’ training and certification collective and run around after my 1.5 year old.

These also sit with my many leather-bound books:

BRAIN CAMP: I actually did a psychology-focused course for copywriters


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